So there is a town in Brazil named, Noiva do Cordeiro that is almost completely run by women. They send their sons away when they turn 18yrs and the most men they see are either married or related. If a guy wants to get to know someone from that town the man HAS to follow the rules the women set. 

I really like that idea.

Anonymous said: ok this may be a dumb question...but wasn't the x files a 90s show? Why are there still so many people posting X files stuff?



Let me ask you a question.

The invention of the wheel was before recorded history. And we still use them.

The US justice system is a couple hundred years old and it’s also being used.

And TCM still airs movies that were around probably before you were born.

Why? Because they’re good. Just because it’s from the 90s doesn’t make it any less good. People still watch Friends and Law & Order is still running. Hell, my mom watches Days Of Our Lives, and the first episode aired in 1965.

This year is the 20th anniversary of The X-Files, and the main stars of the show have been attending cons around the country.

I’m trying not to be rude but honestly? Why does it matter? If it bothers you, just don’t go in the XF tag. The thing that really gets me is that a lot of the more popular shows here on Tumblr, like Breaking Bad and Supernatural wouldn’t exist if The X-Files wasn’t around. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad got his start from the X-Files. Many of the writers from Supernatual (not to mention it’s actors) got it’s start from The X-Files too.

And it was pointed out earlier that the main star of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston got the part because of his performance on The X-Files.

tl;dr: The X-Files was a very influential show that people still enjoy today because of Netflix. That is why people still post about it. If you think that is absurd, check out the vintage tag, and old Hollywood  tag. That fandom has a very, very active following still. And Old Hollywood is from the 30s-60s.

**kisses fingertips and slowly raises hand into the sky**



I know I will never stop. The show is just too perfect.

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I have a question for the X-Files fandom, I’m reading the season ten comics and SPOLERS

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Yay I just finished all nine seasons of The X-Files.

OMG I JUST FINISHED ALL NINE SEASONS OF THE X-FILES woot da frak am I supposed to do now…………………FUCK

well I guess there are the comics…and books…and fanfiction…………..

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