i checked on my iphone the squares are all alien emojis uwu

of course, OF COURSE THEY ARE.Β 

mulder sends scully alien emojis and scully replies with a single pic of her middle finger.Β 


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I liked the Once Upon a Time episode! I’m happy about Elsa being a part of this season and wow the hatTHE MAGIC HAT.
I like it.

13 years ago today, I saw the twin towers fall. I was at school, when the next door teacher rushed in and turned on the tv that hung off the wall in the corner of the room. The news caster said, ‘what you are viewing now is not something from a movie, even if it looks like it, it is happening now.’

I looked at the teacher and she had her hand over her mouth, eyes wide. Then I felt cold, how could something like this be real. It can’t, it can’t.

I don’t remember the rest of the day until I got home. I curled up on the couch as every channel showed the same thing over and over and over again. I was, scared.

My mom saw me, and became upset at the state I was in, normally I’d come home tired and hungry ready to relax and watch some cartoons but she saw…

She asked my dad to speak to me,Β He said, ” There is nothing to be afraid of, the world is not ending…God is with us. Don’t be afraid.”

It was not a complicated set of sentences, not a grand speech of patriotism, just simple reassurance that I was okay.

And I felt ok, ‘cus my mom and dad were right there.

But I think about it now, and every time something about ‘terrorist’ is mentioned on the news.

And now all I feel is sadness for this world. When will we be tired of war. Of killing each other because we don’t believe in the same things. Just because we are different.

And now I think, ‘when will the world end, so we can finally have peace’.

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